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Verse by Verse Teaching

The Book of Isaiah

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This verse by verse teaching series is from 2006.
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Embedded Online Video Notes
1. Isaiah Introduction Audio      
2. Isaiah 1-8 Audio      
3. Isaiah 8-20 Audio      
4. Isaiah 21, 38, 39 Audio      
5. Isaiah 21, 22, 23 Audio      
6. Isaiah 24, 25, 26 Audio     Notes
7. Isaiah 27-28 Audio     Notes
8. Isaiah 28, Acts 2 and 1 Corithians 14 Audio     Notes
9. Isaiah 28:14-29 Audio     Notes
10. Isaiah 29:1-24, Ariel; Drunk on Religioni; Upside Down; Potter and the Clay Audio     Notes
11. Isaiah 30:1-33, Worthlessness of Going to Egypt; Rejection of God's Plan, Sp, Word Audio     Notes
12. Isaiah 31, 32, Faithless Actions; Greater Reality of Spiriual; Righteous Factor Audio     Notes
13. Isaiah 33, Assyria the Traitor; The Lord is Waiting; Righteousness; Key to Treasure Audio     Notes
14. Isaiah 34, 35, Nation's becomes Desert; Glory of God Makes Fruitful; Highway Holy Audio     Notes
15. Isaiah 36, 37, Sennacherib's Invasion, Hezekiah & People Pray, the Lord Delivers Audio   Notes
16. Isaiah 40, Highway for the Lord's Return; Hope in the Eternal Lord for Strength Audio Video Notes
17. Isaiah 41, Yahweh Challenges Idols; Confirms Love for Israel; Calls Cyrus Audio Video Notes
18. Isaiah 42:1-9, The Perfect Model of a Servant of Yahweh Audio Video Notes
19. Isaiah 42:10-25 Audio Video Notes
20. Isaiah 43, God tells Israel His Plan and Calls Them as Witnesses Audio Video -
21. Isaiah 44 Audio Video Notes
22. Isaiah 45, Cyrus; God Establishes Rules and Makes Our Plan; The Potter Audio Video Notes
23. Isaiah 46, Idols are Carried by Men; Yahweh Carries His People Audio Video Notes
24. Isaiah 47:1-8, Expectations of Comfort and the Evil of Self-reliance by Nations Audio Video Notes
25. Isaiah 47:8-15, Unsolvable Problems; Unforeseeale Disasters Audio Video Notes
26. Isaiah 48:1-22, The Lord Tells Israel His Plan Audio Video Notes
27. Isaiah 49:1-26, The Servant of God Waits for the Day of Salvation Audio Video Notes
28. Isaiah 50:1-11, Israel's Example From the Coming Servant Audio Video -
29. Isaiah 51:1-23 Audio Video Notes
30. Isaiah 52, Take off Your Chains Audio Video Notes
31. Isaiah 53:1-6, Appalled at the Arm of the Lord Audio Video Notes
32. Isaiah 53:1-12, The Servant's Suffering and Restoration Audio Video Notes
33. Isaiah 54:1-17, Israel Restored to Eternal Relationship Audio Video Notes
34. Isaiah 55 Audio   Notes
35. Isaiah 56:1-12, Believers Who Live in Righteousness Today; Leaders Who Fail Audio Video Notes
36. Isaiah 57:1-2, Removal of Righteous Before Judgment Audio Video Notes
37. Isaiah 57:3-20, Unsatisfaction of Idol Worship Audio Video Notes
38. Isaiah 58, 59 Audio Video Notes
39. Isaiah 60 Audio Video Notes
40. Isaiah 61, Ministry of the Servant Messiah and the Oaks of Righteousness Audio Video Notes
41. Isaiah 62, People of God and their Guarantee Audio Video Notes
42. Isaiah 63, Speaking in Righteousness and Mighty to Save Audio Video Notes
43. Isaiah 64, Waiting on God While Continuing to do Good Audio Video Notes
44. Isaiah 65, Religious Rebels and Responders to God Audio Video Notes
45. Isaiah 66, Empty Religious Rituals vs. The Word of God Audio Video Notes