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Mt. Carmel

Elijah's Altar on Mt. Carmel
by Galyn Wiemers, Generation Word

Mt. Carmel

Dan in the Bible:

Joshua 19:26, South border of Asher;
Song of Solomon 7:5, bride’s head compared to Carmel’s summit;
1 Kings 18:19-39, Elijah verse Baal Prophets;
Isaiah 35:2, Carmel represents beauty, fruitfulness, majesty, glory;
Isaiah 33:9; Amos 1:2; 9:3;
Nahum 1:4
, a withered Carmel is a sign of God’s wrath on the land;
Jeremiah 46:18, Nebuchadnezzar’s glory compared to Carmel.

This is a 13 mile long mountain range where the air from the sea rises quickly over the mountain to condense into moisture all year long, thus making this mountain range green with vegetation. This was often the site of altars for a variety of religions including Baal. It was the south border of Asher.

In the past this Mountain directed the flow of caravans and armies by directing them into the through the Jezreel Valley. Mt. Carmel sets on the International Highway called Via Maris. There are three passes for armies and travelers to pass:
1) Jokneam Pass - sets to the north and is the most difficult and most out of the way. It is the least used.
2) Megiddo Pass – it is central, most direct, the shortest of the tree options and most desirable to travel by.
3) Dothan-Taanach Pass – sets south of Megiddo, the travelers, caravans and armies came out of the mountain to the southeast end of the Jezreel Valley. This position then easily led them to use the Beth Shean valley up the Jordan Rift and onto Damascus.