6000-1800 BC

1800-1350 BC
1350-950 BC
20 BC-100 AD
100-1500 AD
Greeks and Maccabees 332-20 BC
Archaeological Time Periods
Persian Period - 539-332 BC (Jews Return, Ezra, Nehemiah)
Hellenistic (Greek) Period - 332-141 BC (Years between OT and NT)
Roman Period - 37 BC-324 AD (Jesus, Apostles, NT, Early Church)
  Kings of Persia   Events/People in ISRAEL Kings of Macedonia (Greece)  
  Artaxerxes III (359-338) 350 BC   Philip II (359-336)  
  Arses (338-336)   Ezekiel 26 fulfilled (332) Alexander III the Great (336-323)  
  Jaddua the Priest meets Alexander  
  Darius III (336-330)   Daniel 11:4 fulfilled (323)    
  Seleucid Dynasty in Asia Minor     Philip III Arrhidaios (323-317) Ptolemy Dynasty Egypt
  Seleukos I Nikator (312-281) Alexander IV (323-310) Ptolemy I Soter (323-282)
  Antiochos I Soter (281-261)     Olympias (317-316) PtolemyII Philadelphos(284-246)
  Antiochos II Theos (261-246)   Daniel 11:6 fulfilled (260-253) Cassander (315-297)  
  Seleukos II Kallinikos (246-226) 250 BC Daniel 11:7-8 fulfilled (246-241)   Ptolemy II Euergetes (246-222)
  Seleukos III (226-223)        
  Antiochos III Megas (the Great) (223-187)   Daniel 11:9-19 fulfilled (219-187)   Ptolemy IV Philopator (221-204)
  Seleukos IV Philopator (187-175)   Daniel 11:20-21 fulfilled (175)
  Antiochos IV Epiphanes (175-164)   Joshua (Jason)buys High Priesthood;
Jerusalem Revolts; Maccabean Revolt;
  Atiochos V Eupator (164-162)   Judas Maccabeus controls Judah:
First Hanukkah (164)
  Demetrios I Soter (162-150)   Rome recognizes Israel as a Maccabean (Hasmonean) State (161 BC)    
  Alexander Balas (Epiphanes) (150-145) 150 BC Jonathan is Priest, Governor, General    
  Demetrios II Nikator (145-140, 129-125)        
  Antiochos VI Epiphanes (145-142 BC   Simon is Priest, King, General (142 BC)    
  Diodotos Triophon (142-139)   Hasmonean Dynasty Established (142)    
      Ptolemy VIII kills Simon in Jericho (135)   Ptolemy VIII Physcon (169-116)
    100 BC      
      Civil War-Sadducees vs Pharisees for six years (94-88 BC); King Alexander Jannaus vs Sadducees; 50,000 die    
Roman Emperors     63 BC Civil War in Jerusalem;
Roman General Pompey takes Jerusalem to establish peace;
Berenike IV &Cleopatra VI (58-55)
Julius Caesar (49-44 BC)   50 BC Antipater (Idumean) appointed by Julius Caesar as Procurator of Judea, Samaria, Galilee (47 BC)   Ptolemy XII (51-47 BC)
      Antipater appoints son Herod Governor of Galilee (46 BC)   Cleopatra VII (51-30 BC)
Augustus (27 BC-14 AD)     Augustus makes Herod King (30 BC);
  Ptolemy XIV (47-44 BC)
      Jesus Born (4 BC)   Caesarion Ptolemy XV (44-30 BC)
Tiberius (14-37 AD)     Jesus' Ministry, Cross, Rise (27-30 AD)    
Image of Alexander the Great on a coin minted by Ptolemy IV in 229-219 BC

Alexander the Great image on a 229-219 BC coin minted by Ptolemy IV showing Alexander wearing a lion skin 
portrayed as Herakles

On the reverse side is an eagle.

Reverse side of a 229-219 BC coin showing an eagle
Persian Arrow Head 500-400 BC Persian arrow head used 500-400 BC. Persian Arrow Head 500-400 BC
Persian Arrow Head 500-400 BC
Coin of Antiochus III Megas, or Antiochus the Great, the Seleucid king of Syria 223-187 and the "King of the North" prophecied by Daniel in 11:11-19

Coin of Antiochus III Megas, or Antiochus the Great, the Seleucid king of Syria 223-187.

The obverse side shows (a faulty strike by the craftsman minting this coin) the head of the god Apollo.

The reverse side is the image of an elephant, which were 
used in wars at this time like we use tanks. 
Above the elephant is the inscription:
"BASILEUS" in English or
"βασιλεύς" in Greek which
means "KING"

Antiochus III Megas was prophecied about in Daniel 11:11-19
where he is identified as the "King of the North". Antiochus II
challenged a young Rome and their General Scipio. He was
supressed and forced to pay tribute to Rome. In the end
Antiochus III was killed stealing money from a temple 
trying to pay his tribute to Rome.

Reverse side is the image of an elephant used in war with the inscription: "BASILEUS" meaning "KING"

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