6000-1800 BC

1800-1350 BC
1350-950 BC
20 BC-100 AD
100-1500 AD
Genesis, 6000-1800 BC

Archaeological Time Periods
Neolithic Age
Chalcolithic (copper and stone) - 4500-3300 BC
Early Bronze Age (bronze) - 3300-2000 BC
Middle Bronze Age - 2000-1550 (Abraham to Moses)

The Pharaohs of Egypt    
Khety II 2115-2070 BC Abraham came to Egypt about 2091 BC (Gen. 12:10-20)
Amenemhat II 1922-1878 BC Likely time Joseph entered the service of Amnemhat II is 1885 BC (Gen 41:41)
Sesostris II 1880-1874 BC Jacob settles in Egypt (Gen. 47:9)
Sesostris III 1874-1855 BC Joseph is likely Prime Minister and Jacob dies (Gen. 41:37-44; Gen 50)
Amenemhet IV 1808-1799 BC Joseph dies during Amenemhet IV's reign around 1806 BC (Gen. 50:25-26)
Ahmose 1550-1526 BC Orders the death of the Hebrew boys at their birth (Exodus 1:15-16)
Flood Tablet or Gilgamesh Table from Ashurbanipal Library

Flood Table or Gilgamesh Table










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Hammurabi Coe 1760 BC Hammurabi Code Fragment  
Canaanite Altar Canaanite Temple with Altar Canaanite Temple
Fruit bowl from the time of Abraham, 2000 BC Fruit bowl from the days of Abraham (2000 BC)  
Milk Jug from the time of Abraham, 2000 BC Milk jug from the days of Abraham (2000 BC)  
Lamps from 2350-1000 BC including four spouted    

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