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Genesis Notes
1. Genesis 1:1, In the Beginning Notes
2. Genesis 1:2, Tohu Wabohu Notes
3. Genesis 1:3-5, The First Day: The Light Orders Chaos Notes
4. Genesis 1:6-9, The Second Day: The Canopy of Water Notes
5. Genesis 1:9-13, The Third Day: Land and Plants Notes
6. Genesis 1:14-19, The Fourth Day: Greater and Lesser Lights Notes
7. Genesis 1:20-23, The Fifth Day: Preach the Word; Monsters of the Sea Notes
8. Genesis 1:24-31, The Sixth Day: Man - Image of God & Ruler of Earth Notes
9. Genesis 2:1-3, The Seventh Day and the Rest of God Notes
10. Genesis 2:4-17, Details of Eden and the Creation of Man Notes
11. Genesis 2:18-25, Woman and the First Marriage Notes
12. Genesis 3:1-5, The Serpent and Satan Notes
13. Genesis 3:6-10, The First Sin; Steps to Sin; Result of Sin; Imputed, Inher. Notes
14. Genesis 3:9-19, The Curses and The Punishments Notes
15. Genesis 3:20-24, Adam's Faith in God's Word; Expulsion From Eden Notes
16. Genesis 4:1-7, Cain Sturggles with His Sin Nature Notes
17. Genesis 4:7-18, God Speaks and Cain Hardens His Heart Notes
18. Genesis 4:17-22, The Procession of Cain Notes
19. Genesis 4:25-5:32, The Inscription of Adam; The Sumerian King List Notes
20. Genesis 5:6-24, Enoch Walked With God
21. Genesis 6:1-2, The Sons of God - "Bene ha Elohim" Notes
22. Genesis 6:1-4, The Nephilim and Their Descendents Notes
23. Genesis 6:1-4, Judgment of the Nephilim, Angels and Demons Notes
24. Genesis 6:5-12, The Violence of Earth and Favor of Noah Notes
25. Genesis 6:11-22, The Ark, the Animals and the Legends Notes
26. Genesis 7:1-24, The Catastrophic Breaking Apart of the Earth & the Flood Notes
27. Genesis 8:1-22, The Waters Recede and Noah Leaves the Ark Notes
28. Genesis 9:1-29, Order for the New World -
29. Genesis 10 & 11, Establishing Language, Borders and Nations Notes
30. Genesis 10:1-5, Sons of Japheth Notes
31. Genesis 10:6-20, Sons of Ham Notes
32. Genesis 10:21-11:9, Sons of Shem and the City of Babel Notes
33. Genesis 11:10-12:3, Line of Shem and the Call of Abram -
34. Genesis 12:4-13:4, Abram in Shechem, the Negev and Egypt Notes
35. Genesis 13, Abram Returns to God and Separates from Lot Notes
36. Genesis 14:1-24, Abraham Defeats Four Kings from the East Notes
37. Genesis 15:1-7, Abram Believes God's Promise -
38. Genesis 15:7-19, God Makes the Abrahamic Covenant -
39. Genesis 16:1-16, Hagar, Sarai, and Abram -
40. Genesis 17:1-27, Covenant and Circumcision -
41. Genesis 18:1-22, Abraham Serves as Host to the Lord and Two Angels -
42. Genesis 18:16-19:29, Lot in Sodom -
43. Genesis 19:30-20:18, Lot Lives a Cave; Abraham Gives Wife Away Again -
44. Genesis 21:1-21, Abraham Drives Out Ishmael for Isaac -
45. Genesis 21:22-22:3, Ecconomy, Election, Responsibilty & God's Testing -
46. Genesis 22, Abraham Offers Isaac -
47. Genesis 23, Sarah Dies; Abraham Buys a Field From the Hittites -
48. Genesis 24, The Second Generation of the Promise; Chick Scriptures -
49. Genesis 25, Abraham Dies; The Other Sons; Jacob & Esau -
50. Genesis 26:1-10, Isaac Deceives Abimelech; Sin, Sin Nature, Depravity -
51. Genesis 26:12-35, Isaac Perseveres, Digs Wells and Signs a Treaty -
52. Genesis 26:35-27:41, Jacob Decieves Isaac  
53. Genesis 27:41-28:22, Jacob Flees; Sleeps at Bethel  
54. Genesis 29:1-30, Jacob Meets Laban and Rachel  
55. Genesis 29:31-30:24, Jacob's Four Wives and Twelve Sons  
56. Genesis 30:25-31:4, Jacob Gets His Flocks  
57. Genesis 31:1-55, Jacob Flees from Laban  
58. Genesis 32:1-32, Jacob Wrestles and Wins Verse God  
59. Genesis 33 and 34, Jacob Meets Esau; Simeon & Levi Destroy Shechem  
60. Genesis 35, Jacob Builds Altar at Bethel & Returns to Hebron  
61. Genesis 36, The History and Geneology of Esau  
62. Genesis 37:1-22, Joseph: Shepherd of the Shepherd  
63. Genesis 37:22-36, The Selling of Joseph  
64. Genesis 38, Judah and Tamar  
65. Genesis 39:1-7, Joseph Prospers; Nice is Veneer of Good and Evil  
66. Genesis 39:7-20, Joseph and Potiphars's Wife  
67. Genesis 40:1-23, The Cup Bearer and the Baker  
68. Genesis 41:1-57, Joseph is Promoted  
69. Genesis 42:1-38, Joseph's Brothers Come To Egypt for Food  
70. Genesis 43, 44, 45, Joseph Let's Himself Be Known  
71. Genesis 46:1-30, Jacob and Joseph; Fathers and Son  
72. Genesis 46:31-47:31, Joseph's Economic Crisis Plan  
73. Genesis 48:1 - 49:2, Manasseh and Ephraim; "In the Last Days"  
74. Genesis 49:1-13, Jacob's Oracles for Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah Notes
75. Genesis 49:14-28, Jacob's Oracles to his sSons and their Tribes  
76. Genesis49:29 - 50:26, Jacob's Burial; Joseph's Death  

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