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Books by Galyn Wiemers from Last Hope Publications
Jerusalem (Revised Edition) - printed 2022

Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture (REVISED EDITION - 2022), by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 312 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-7-1 (Last Hope Books and Publications), 2022


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Framework for Christian Faith, by Galyn Wiemers

Framework for Christian Faith, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 542 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-1-9 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2008.

Framework for Christian Faith compiles the notes and handouts from a yearlong Bible School series taught by Galyn Wiemers, founder of Generation Word. It is designed to help believers advance in their own understanding and personal study skills and contains a wealth of information from any areas of Christian study, including apologetics, hermeneutics, the history of the English Bible, Old Testament, the life of Christ, the book of Acts, church history, Greek, the New Testament letters and biblical theology.

The material was originally taught in a fifty-week series of one-hour classes. Each section ends with a list of important facts, review questions, discussion topics and suggested readings. In addition, countless charts, maps and diagrams are found insided to help with visual learning. A companion CD also contains the complete text of the book, maps and diagrams - so all may be reproduced by the reader for personal use or use in teaching and presenting.

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Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture

Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 250 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-3-3 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2010.

The most glorious days of Jerusalem are not in the past, but are yet to come. God has not left Jerusalem on the trash heap of history, but is currently working his plan to rebuild the city for the Jewish people's final series of confrontations with their pagan enemies. One day, Jesus, the Lord and Messiah, will return to Jerusalem and be seated in glory. The city will then become the center of God's Kingdom on earth.

This book is an incredible journey through the plan of God, progressing from the earliest days of man's history through the past 2,000 years of Gentile dominance and into the prophecies yet to be fulfilled. The guide includes more than 500 photos, diagrams and maps to document each age and show what the people of the city were like during that time. The images are all connected to important, historical information - all of which is presented in a simple, chronological manner.

This book is divded into seven sections, including:

  • An introduction to Jerusalem
  • The topography of Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem in the Old Testament
  • Jerusalem during the days of the Macabees and the Hasmoneans
  • Jerusalem in the New Testament
  • Jerusaelm under the control of the Gentiles: Romans, Crusaders and Muslims
  • Some special archaeological treasures
  • The future of Jerusalem.

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The Word: Apparatus for Salvation, Renewal and Maturidy, by Galyn Wiemers

The Word: Apparatus for Salvation, Renewal & Maturity, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 264 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-4-0 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2011.

The Word of God reveals the great salvation for mankind which is available in Jesus Christ.

This same Word also communicates the truths that belilevers must understand in order to renew their minds to the plan and will of God, therby enabling them to produce fruits of righteousness in their lives, and in the end, receive a rich inheritance into the eternal Kingdom of our Lord.

Galyn Wiemers emphasizes the crucial importance of the teaching ministry in the church in The Word: Apparatus for Salvation, Renewal and Maturity. Simply put, the temporal and eternal relevance of faithful teaching look like this:

  • Teaching provides the opportunithy for believers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God, his revelatin, plan, will, character, etc.
  • This understanding is both the seed of faith and the light of the Spirit which shine into the heart of the believer, leading to maturity.
  • Maturity produces good deeds, righteous acts, and fulfilled ministries - the fruit of believers' lives.
  • This fruit will be rewarded in eternity at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Not only is the individual believer built up and blessed by faithful teaching, but the local church and the universal church benefit as well. The maturity of individuals within a group will result in the maturity of the group. In other words, a majority of mature individuals witin a church will produce a mature local church. And, it goes without saying but still needs to be said, a majority of mature local churches will result in a mature universal church, extending across denominational lines.

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Hope For America's Last Generation, by Galyn Wiemers

Hope for America's Last Generation, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 258 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-0-2 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2007.

Does anyone not think our society is in trouble? Many have given up or don't know what to do. This book explains how we arrived at this desperate situation both scripturally & historically. With simple systematic precision, Galyn shows the goals & the steps we need 
to recover and win this contest for the soul of our nation. This book is not about evangelizing America, but is a call to Christians & non-Christians alike to find the common ground for an enduring civilization:

  • Individual Responsibility
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Government
  • Nationality

Citizens of America will encounter hope & will understand the plan to restore our culture in what otherwise will be America's final generation.

Galyn's insight is guaranteed to open up scripture from Genesis to Revelation in a way that connects world history & the voice of God to our culture & our lives today. The Bible will come alive & readers will experience the encouragement they are seeking. Coming 
trends & spiritual struggles that our culture is about to face are addressed along with coming prophetic events. In addition, the charts & diagrams make this book something you willwant to keep available for study and for reference through the next 40 years of American history. More information...

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Titanic Faith .pdf download

Lifeboats and Maps for the TITANIC FAITH of the Western Church, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 286 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-5-7 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2015.

You will not find the typical chart at the back of the book illustrating in three simple steps how to lead a successful, happy life. Nor will you be comforted by oversimplified “Lifeboat for Dummies” diagrams. There is no easy confessional chant-like incantation to make everything in your life better.

While so many today are happy to believe in some kind of Oz-like fantasy world, the fact remains that we inhabit the Creator’s Reality. We are in the world where Truth wins. We live in a reality where those who sow to the wind (vanity, empty philosophy) will reap the whirlwind (chaos, destruction)!

It appears that a perfect storm of social chaos and spiritual conflict is moving through the United States. Sadly, the Western Church is not prepared for the storm or the aftermath that will certainly ensue. The Western Church now finds itself comfortable in a successful, materialistic culture while seekers coming out of this pagan culture find themselves quite comfortable in these “Titanic” churches. The resulting mutual admiration between pagan seekers and the Titanic church has developed naturally into gatherings of people who meet weekly for emotional, self-help seminars. Yet, the culture that sends these seekers to board the Titanic church is the very same culture that aggressively confronts traditional Christian values.

While Christianity and biblical revelation are challenged, marginalized and legally discriminated against in Western democratic culture, the religion of Islam becomes more and more accepted. Islam increasingly waggles its way inward toward the center of the public arena in the Western world, whose mantra of “Tolerance, tolerance!” grows louder and louder. Yet - and at the same time - Christianity is ridiculed as offensive, which places even more peer pressure on the adolescent Titanic church to separate itself from Truth and embrace the cool, contemporary, relevant cultural clique.

A Titanic-like Theology Has Set the Church on a Perilous Journey without a Map on a ship that will ultimately require Lifeboat support.

This book was written to help provide lifeboats and maps for the 
coming disaster.

Online version of Titanic Faith.

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The Political Platform of the Lord and King, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover,
56 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9794382-2-6 (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2008.

In an age that is filled with conflicting opinions and societies in turmoil, we long for some semblance of unity and hope. Yet the promises of national leaders have become little more than verbal weapons in an ideological war and most political platforms have deteriorated into baited hooks intended to lure votes.

There is an age coming when the world will have a leader who is able and willing to fulfill his promised political agenda. The Lord and King has already revealed both his objectives and the methods he will use to complee those objectives after he has established his rule on earth. His political platform is broken down in detail in The Political Platform of the Lord and King.

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Israel Field Book, by Galyn Wiemers

Israel Field Book, by Galyn Wiemers, softcover, 188 pages, (Last Hope Books and Publications) 2012.

Galyn's new online book is now available as a free .pdf download (no printed copies are available). 

This book provides details on 66 sites in Israel, 80 sites in Jerusalem and includes 20 informative diagrams/charts, 25 excavation maps and over 300 color photos in 188 pages. Israel Field Book was designed for and used by a group of Bible students on location in Israel as they traveled the land, examined archaeological sites and explored the historical remains in and around Jerusalem.

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