Isaiah 57:3-20

The Unsatisfaction of Idol Worship



God addresses those who had spiritual and physical adulterers and prostitutes as parents.



The spiritually misinformed ridiculed those who held to the truth in their life and doctrine.

Though they still named the name of God, claimed to offer his sacrifices and used his vocabulary they had changed the definition and meaning of all of these to fit with their own imaginations and desires.



The idol worshippers desired to quench their spiritual thirst, but could not but continued to seek more.


The search and progress went like this:

1)      In their own country and culture

a.       Among the trees

b.      In the Ravines or Wadis

c.       On the hills

2)      Into other  countries and cultures

3)      Into the underworld


Their  continued expanded search shows they where not satisfied.

They combined their worship with sensual sexual pleasure.



They had replaced the commands of God that where to hang on their door with pagan symbols.

What you surround yourself with will penetrate your soul through the gates of your eyes, ears and hands.



They were weary from searching for a satisfying experience.

They would never admit it was hopeless even though they had no hope.

They somehow renewed their strength to continue in their vanity.

These things all indicate an addiction.

1)      unsatisfied desire

2)      hopelessly unfilfilled

3)      strength to continue down a hopeless, empty path



There is no one to fear but God.

Psalm 56:4,11


The idol worshippers had taken three steps to get to this place:

1)      false with God,  They had betrayed God

2)      They forgot the truth that they did know

3)      Then they could no longer ponder, perceive or reflect on what God was doing in their day



God’s righteousness will be revealed it says in 56:1.  It will expose their false righteousness that is not in line with God’s revelation about himself.



The obstacle is the servant.  If they reject him they stumble on him

God has removed this obstacle for the humble

Isaiah 8:13-16



1)      The transcendent God –

a.       High and lofty means God is beyond our space.

b.      Forever means God is beyond our time

c.       Holy means God is beyond our character

2)      The immanent God –

a.       He is with us

b.      He comes to those who do not place themselves in the ‘transcendent’ category

3)      God revives their Spirit

a.       He is the savior




God’s anger is for the moment.  His love is forever.

God gets angry, but he is Love.

If God was anger men would perish



Greed is covetousness

1 Timothy 6:10 says the root of evil is the love of money


God punished man but that did not change man.

Men can not change themselves even if they tried



God has to heal man before man can be righteous



There is peace with God for all who will come to him



Those who resist God or try to achieve their own righteousness will never find peace.