Isaiah 52



“Awake” is also heard in

  • 51:9 when Israel tells God to “awake”.  Israel doubted that God was working in history in their time like he used to.
  • 51:17 when God tells Israel to “awake” and blames them for their problems.


A similar discussion between God and Israel occurs in 63:15-64:12 and 65:1-16.


The Garments would be those of both the warrior and the priest.



1)      Don’t blame God

2)      Look for deliverance


Zion will share the character of  God when the servants work is finished.

Zion is beautiful to God because he sees his character in this city.



Babylon goes from Throne to Dust.  Jerusalem goes from dust to throne.


Jerusalem handed to Babylon by God.  Babylon did not take Israel from God.


Only God can break the chains but we must remove them.  These verse tell Israel (us) to:

  • Get up ourselves
  • Shake off ourselves
  • Remove the chains ourselves
  • Put on the beautiful clothes ourselves
  • Choose to sit in majesty

God has done the work but we must take action on what he has done.


When we see ourselves as empowered things happen.


When we see ourselves as captives, weak, victims and oppressed we will not act.



ki” is “for” and gives the reason.


God did not owe a debt (ch. 50) when he gave Israel up so he can redeem her anytime he wants.  It will be on his terms.


There is no third party in the negotiations. 

The issue is between God and Israel not God, the Babylonians and Israel.

The issue today is between God and man not God, the Devil and man.



History of Israel’s oppression through Isaiah’s day and prophecy:


1)      Egypt

2)      Assyria

3)      Babylon



Two therefores:


1)      Therefore – people will know his name

a.       “know” is “yada” and  refers to personal experience

b.      “name” refers to  character and attributes

c.       Point:  the people will know and see by experience the character and attributes of God.

2)      Therefore – God will defend his name

a.       They will know  God’s name (character) when he speaks or announces it

b.      They will say “I see him” (or, I understand by experience”) by having heard the announcement or hearing his word (promises)



Here is the one making that announcement that will result in people  knowing” God.


He is running over hills to Jerusalem


When God Reigns these things happen:

a)      Peace  - proper relatinshp to everything.  Nothin is left incomplete

b)      Good -  God called creation “Good”.  Everything had a purpose and would function at a level that fulfilled that purpose.  It was “good”.

c)      Salvation – freedom and deliverance from all bondage.


Salvation will be a public display.



The discussion of the second exodus is interrupted by details of how this will be possible.

It will occur because of “the suffering servant”



Suffering is followed by Glory


“Sprinkled” is a priestly work:


1)      Result of servants suffering

2)      Relates to sacrifice


Suffering results in supreme exaltation

Kings will dare not speak



This is the reversal of 6:9-10 where Israel was told over and over but they did not hear.

In 52:15 those who have not heard (as in heard the law, had to culture of God hammered into their culture) are the Gentile nations without  God’s law, presence, temple, etc who no have believed.