Isaiah 49:1-26



The Servant of the Lord tells the nations to listen to him.

Listen in this chapter like chapter 48 means to listen and obey.


The servant is identified as “Israel” in verse 3 but in verse 5 the servant gathers Israel.

This causes the reader to ask “Who is this servant?” and “How can He be Israel and gather Israel at the same time?”


These things speak of Jesus:

1)      called before birth (Proverbs 8)

2)      made mention of my name (Genesis 3)

3)      My mouth like a sharp sword (Rev. 1:16; Rev. 19:15)

4)      Hid me (Colossians 1:25-27)

5)      Polished Arrow concealed in his quiver ( A eternal plan made long ago but saved for the right time 1 Peter 1:20)

6)      My Servant Israel (Numbers 24:17)



The Servant does not see any fruit or result from his work. (John 1:11)



People will despise the Servant but God will make His work produce.


Not only will the Servant restore Israel but He will also be a light to the Gentile nations.

The Servants salvation (or, the message of the kingdom) will go to the ends of the earth.


The one who was “despised and abhorred” was given the promise that kings and princes of the nations would bow to him.



In verse 8 God promises His Servant that when the time is right he will make the Servant’s work fruitful. 

This will occur in two ways:

1)      The regathering, the restoration and conversion of Israel

a.       These verses speak of Israel’s restoration.

b.      These verses speak of the Millennial reign

2)      The offer of salvation through the work of the accepted Servant

a.       Verse 8 is quoted in 2 Corinthians 6:2 in reference to the church

b.      God’s acceptance of Jesus is extended to the world today



In verse 14 Israel is seen as having lost their hope in the Holy One of Israel.

Realize the Messiah had done his work, the Messiah had been rejected by Israel, and now Israel feels their hope is gone.

Israel is reassured the promise of their return will occur.


Two images to show God will not forget Israel:

1)      A mother does not forget her child

2)      Israel is tattooed on God’s hand


49: 17-21

A promise that though Israel disappears into captivity they will always produce and continue to have children (a race of people) to return to the land.

Israel will never be driven into the sea.



The Gentiles are included with Israel’s children



Those who oppressed Israel will be overthrown and their suffering will be of the worst   kind.

The promise given to Abraham he recalled here:

“I will contend with those who contend with you.”