Isaiah 47:8-15


Babylon, like many nations at the peak of their power, thought of themselves as invincible. 
They thought they were unique to history and unique among the nations.


Only God is unique and self-sufficient.



“widow” refers to a nation who has no provision, no support and no protection.

“without children” refers to a nation who has no hope of ever receiving support and protection in the future.



Cyrus Will Conqueror Babylon in a Day

In a single day Babylon will lose their present and future support and protection when the Persians come into the city under the walls.  The Persians block the flow of water. 


Amazing Distraction of the Final Generation

This is something that the founders of Babylon never worried about because it would have been obvious to the citizens of Babylon that someone was tampering with the water flow. 

But in the final days of the last generation the Babylonians were too busy enjoying their final moments of freedom to notice something so obvious that it really was never considered a threat.


Babylon began to trust in “sorceries” and “spells”


Demons: No Knowledge of Future, No Power to Change Future

“Sorceries” refers to seeking information about the future through demons.

This is worthless knowledge though because:

1)      Demons can not see the future, only God knows the future

2)      If demons could see the future they would have no power to alter it, only God has power to alter history (Demons only hope is to manipulate men wills.  When they obey or disobey the commands of the Word God  will adjust his direction of history.  Example: Balak, Balaam and Israel with Moab’s women and gods in Numbers 22-25)



Four Misleading Views

These things are mentioned as being part of Babylon’s problem:

a)      trusting in wickedness – Magic is based on the idea that everything is connected to everything else.  So if you have the correct knowledge then you will know what to do in order to manipulate situations to get the knowledge that you want.   In other words knowledge of the world controls situations.  There is no need for morals or righteousness as long as you have the correct information.  Thus, you can live in wickedness and trust knowledge.  This is the same thing the secular humanists believe.

b)      believes “No one sees me” – does not recognize and live with the understanding that the sovereign God sees all we do and responds accordingly.  They can then make their own standards of right and wrong.  There is no one higher than the Babylonians to hold them to an absolute standard.  Today we see the same thing as we debate and vote and make judicial rulings on what is right and wrong with no regard to what God has established.  We as a culture believe “no one sees us” because there is no God overseeing us.  Psalm 10:11; 94:7;

c)      Mislead by the wisdom and knowledge obtained through their false gods and their witchcraft.  What they have discovered or developed with their false world view will mislead them and prevent them from finding the truth.

d)      Their view that they are “I am” and there is no one greater than them.  They are a god unto themselves.



“Disaster” (problems, enemies, situations) will come to them but the Babylonians will not know how to deal with their “disasters”. That is probably why they just drank and partied in their final days.  They did not know how to prevent the inevitable.


Importance of Bible Study

This is why we study the Word of God verse by verse. 

Bible study may not tell us how to solve all our problems but it does prepare our hearts.

Study helps prepare our hearts, attitudes, wills, and world views so that we live righteous and humble before the God of all creation. 

By living in fellowship with God it will be easier to see the answers to the problems that arise from within his creation.

We do not want to be individuals or churches or a nation like Babylon.  They could not see answers to their disasters because they had rejected the God who has the answers.


Three types of Disasters

There are three types of disasters that Babylon (or, all self-reliant, wicked nations) must respond to from the futility of their warped world views, from the confusion of their dark religions and from the corruption of their wicked lives:

1)      Disaster that they will have no answer for

2)      Calamity that they are powerless against

3)      Catastrophe they cannot foresee


Three Weakness Babylon will Have

Babylon (and, other rebellious nations) will have three weaknesses that God will strike:

1)      They will not have the knowledge to prevent it.

2)      They will not have the power (finances) to ward it off (in context it refers to being able to buy or spend your way out of a problem.

3)      They will not have the foresight to see it coming



Practices Learned as Children

The Babylonians (and, other nations) continue in the false ways they learned as children.

This reference to “childhood” would refer to:

a)      from the founding of the nation of Babylon

b)      from the childhood and education of the adults living in the fourth and final generation of Babylon.

As children they would have learned them from their parents.

They did not develop witchcraft as children, but instead they would have learned it from their culture, from the previous generation.

This then would line up with the teaching of the four generations. 

Since they are facing national elimination this must be the fourth generation.


Magic Spells Succeed and “cause terror”?

If their goal was to terrorize others with their magic spells then they where trying to manipulate situations and control

history through demonism.



Exhaustion from Worthless Strategy Meetings

The only thing that comes from their efforts is exhaustion from going around and around in circles but making no progress.


Crunch Time for the Religious Leadership

Their religious leaders are told to give them solid answers now in the time of need.
Their astrologers make vain and worthless predictions every month. 

In a time of peace and prosperity it really doesn’t matter what they say. 

But, now the nation needs solid answers to meet their three needs. 

The nation needs from their religious leaders:

1)      knowledge

2)      power

3)      foresight

Of course, their religious guidance is as worthless as the god they follow.



The religious leaders are so worthless that even as they burn up like worthless stubble they can’t even produce a good fire. 

This is like saying their advise is not worth the paper it is written on.



Religious & Philosophical Education of the 4th Generation’s Childhood is Useless

A warning to the fourth generation that the philosophy and false religion handed down to you from the culture of the third

generation does not have the answers you are    looking for.

Without a change everything goes on in their error with no hope of finding salvation in time or in eternity.