John 12



God used the high priest because of his office not his character.

High Priests were associated with prophecy and speaking God’s will

a)      Numbers 27:21 – urim and thummim

b)      Zadok, the high priest, was called a seer by David (2 Samuel 15:27)



Ephriam was most likely north of Jerusalem and a few miles NE of Bethel.  It was located on the edge of the Judean wilderness.



Crowds of people would arrive before the Passover to begin the cleansing process



The crowd was expecting Jesus.  “Kept looking” signifies a continuing process.

He had been at the Feast of Tabernacles and the Feast of Dedication earlier that fall.

Controversy had also followed Jesus along with attempts to kill him:

a)      5:18

b)      7:30

c)      7:44

d)      8:20

e)      8:59

f)        10:38


The second question is a statement of doubt that Jesus will come. 

The questions would read like this: 

“What do you think? Surely he isn’t coming to this feast.”



Any one who did not report Jesus would be an accomplice. 


John 12

Jesus popularity had faded to some extent due to:

a)      he refused to become the people’s king (6:15)

b)      His teaching was obscure to the masses who did not believe (6:52-66)


Accounts of Jesus being anointed

1)      Mark 14:3-9

2)      Matthew 26:6-13 (same as Mark 14:3-9)

3)      Luke 7:36-50 – in Galilee early in Jesus’ ministry at a Pharisees house

4)      John 12:1-8 – Mary, Lazarus’ sister









Mary acts from her heart and gives Jesus her best.

Judas simply uses the situation and the poor for the moment.  Judas is using Jesus for self promotion.



Two crowds:

a)      “great crowd” that had come for the feast (7:12)

b)      “crowd” from Lazarus’ tomb (and, probably from Galilee) (7:17)



Psalm 118:25-26 was sung by travelers on their way to the Passover.


“Hosanna” means “SAVE NOW!” thus they were calling for immediate action by the king.



A conqueror would ride a horse.

A traveling business man or a commoner would ride a donkey.

Zechariah 9:9 tells them that their Messiah would come like a common man, not a king.



John recalls the disciples complete lack of comprehending these events.

Also, John 2:17, 22



These were Gentile Greeks

The Gentile world is starting to seek Jesus.  A sign that it is time for the cross and the next phase of the kingdom.



“who love his life” here “life” is psyche and means soul and refers to the individual personality.


“eternal life” here “life” is zoe and refers to the spiritual vitality and character of life experienced by God.


This is a theme often spoken of by Jesus:

a)      matt. 10:39

b)      Mark 8:36

c)      Luke 14:26



He would go before them.



The struggle finalized at Gethsemane (Matt. 26:39) surfaces here

“My heart (psyche) is troubled”



God the Father speaks audibly three times:

a)      at the beginning of Jesus ministry (Matt. 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:21-22)

b)      at the turning point when he headed for the cross at the transfiguration (Matt. 17:5/ Mark 9:7/ Luke 9:35)

c)      at the conclusion of his  ministry here (John 12:28-30)



“night” refers to the setting aside of the Jews