“Day of the Lord” References

                                            TRUMPET    DARKNESS   ARMY   FIRE    FEAR/ANGUISH    SHAKE EARTH    SUN/MO/STAR    NATIONS     JUDGMENT     ISRAEL    HARVEST    CLOUDS/GLORY   CHRIST  ________

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Day of Christ:

First Corinthians 1:8

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Philippians 2:16


Day of the Lord definitions:

Scofield says The Day of the Lord is the long period of time beginning with Jesus’ return in glory ending with the destruction of the heavens and earth by fire to prepare for the New  Heaven and the New Earth. The Day of the Lord continues from the Second Coming to the end of the Millennium


Ironside says The Day of the Lord begins when the day of Grace ends. The Day of the Lord follows the pre-tribulation rapture and includes the judgments of the entire seven year Tribulation and continues through the Millennium. The Day of the Lord begins with the Rapture, continues through the Tribulation to the end of the Millennium.


Robert Van Kampen says The Day of the Lord is the most prophesied event in the OT concerning the last days, the Day of the Lord is marked by God’s fiery, judgmental wrath against the earth’s wicked. Also called the “end of the age,” the “final harvest,” and the “seventh seal.” The Day of the Lord will be initiated by the second coming of Christ to rescue the faithful, after which the wicked who remain (Satan’s kingdom of darkness) will be destroyed by God’s Day-of-the-Lord’s wrath. This time of great judgment will begin with the seventh seal, will include the seven trumpet judgments and the seven bowl judgments, culminating in the final Battle of Armageddon. This time of great wrath will be immediately preceded by a sign divinely displayed in the heavens, in the sun, moon, and stars, after which the entire world will see the sign of the Christ’s second coming, and the deliverance of God’s elect. The Day-of-the-Lord’s wrath is composed of two major parts, beginning with the opening of the seventh seal. The first part will be a series of trumpet judgments against the earth’s wicked, which will occur sometime during the second half of the seventieth week, immediately following the sign given in the sun, moon, and stars, The second part will be a series of bowl judgments,” which are the last, because “in them the wrath of God is finished.” The bowl judgments will begin after the seventieth week is complete, after the surviving remnant of Israel is saved and after God Almighty has resumed rule over earth. The Day-of-the-Lord’s wrath will be culminated at the Battle of Armageddon.