AGE OF THE GENTILES                                                         




Seventieth 7 (seven years)


Seven 7’s (49 years)



and  Sixty-Two 7’s  (434 years)   . . . . . .  483 years from 458 BC until 26 AD

Restoration of
Jerusalem by
Judea becomes
Roman Province
Destroys Jerusalem
Burns Temple

Church Age





-THE COMING RULER will confirm a covenant with many for one 7 (seven years) (Dn9:27)

-In the middle of the 7 (3 1/2 years) THE COMING RULER will:

  • Put an end to sacrifices and offerings
  • Set up an Abomination that causes desolation on a wing of the temple

-Ten horns;
-Little Horn uprooted three horns;
-Little Horn had eyes and mouth (Dn7:8)
-Ten horns from head of Fourth Beast (Dn7:19,20)
-Ten horns are ten kings who come from the fourth beast (Dn7:24)
-Another Horn came up among the 10 horns on fourth beast (Dn.7i:21)
-After the ten horns (kings) another king who is different subdues 3 kings(Dn7:24)
-Little Horn waged war against Saints and defeated them (Dn7:23)
-Little Horn will (Dn7:25):

·         Speak against God

·         Oppress saints

·         Try to change times

·         Try to change laws

-Saints will be handed to him for 3 ½ years (Dn7:25)

-the fourth kingdom has feet and toes of baked clay and iron; a divided kingdom with some strength of iron, but partly strong and partly brittle; this people will be a mixture and will not remain united just like iron cannot mix with clay (Dn2:41-43)

"A time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then" (Dn12:1)

The "king" will:

  • do as he pleases (Dn11:36)
  • magnify himself above every god (Dn11:36)
  • say unheard of things against God (Dn11:36)
  • have no regard for the gods of his fathers (Dn11:37)
  • have no regard for the one desired by women (Dn11:37)
  • have no regard for any god (Dn11:37)
  • honor a god of fortress (Dn11:38)
  • honor a god unknown to his fathers with gold, silver and precious stones (Dn11:38)


In the time of those kings God will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44-45):

  • crush all other kingdoms
  • end all other kingdoms
  • the rock strikes all other kingdoms and breaks the statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay

At the End of the Seventieth week:

·         Saints will receive a kingdom and possess it forever

·         Ancient of Days pronounces verdict in favor of saints

·         Saints possess the kingdom (Dn.7:22)

  • Court will be seated and take power form the Little Horn (Dn7:26)
  • Little Horn completely destroyed forever (Dn7:26)
  • Saints are handed sovereignty, power and greatness of the kingdom (Dn7:27)
  • The people of the Most High (saints) will rule His kingdom forever and worship the most high (Dn7:27)


    605 BC                                    539 BC                                    458 BC                        409 BC        332 BC                              168 BC                                    63 BC                             26 AD     30 AD                                     66-70 AD                           


-Four winds of heaven churning up sea (Dn7:4)

-Four great beasts, each different, came up out of the sea (Dn7:5). They are four kings from earth (Dn7:17)

-First beast like a lion, with eagle wings which are torn off. The beast fell to the ground, but was lifted up and given the heart of a man (Dn7:4)

- “Head of God” is: (Dn.2:32,36-38)

·         Nebuchadnezzar

·         King of Babylon

·         King of kings

·         God gave him dominion, power, might, glory

·         God placed mankind, beast, birds in Neb’s hands

·         Neb is ruler over them all


(Church Age?)




-The people of THE COMING RULER ("king", "Little Horn") will:

  • Destroy the City
  • Destroy the Sanctuary (Temple) (Dn9:26)



-the Anointed One, the Ruler comes after the Sixty-Two 7's  (Dn9:26)

-After Sixty-Two 7's the Anointed One will be:

  • Cut Off
  • Have Nothing (Dn9:26)

-Fourth beast terrifying and powerful;
- iron teeth;
-crushed and devoured;
-trampled what was left;
-different from other beast;
-had ten horns (Dn.7:7,19,20)
-Fourth Beast is a 4th kingdom on earth (Dn7:23)

-a fourth kingdom, strong as iron which breaks and smashes everything will crush and break all other kingdoms (Dn.2:40)


-This is the time of Wrath (Dn8:19) (Note: Wrath is always a time of God's indignation against sin) 

-When Jewish rebels have become completely wicked a stern faced king will arise (Dn8:23)
-The stern faced king will be a master of polictical intrigue and strategies (Antiochus Ephiphanes) (Dn8:23)
-Another horn grew from the other four (Dn8:9)
-the other horn was small (Little Horn) but became great (Dn8:9)

-The Little horn grew until it reached Israel and threw some sown and trampled them (Dn8:10)
The Little Horn set himself up to be greater than the Prince of the Host (Dn8:11)

-The Little Horn (Dn8:11):

  • took away the daily sacrifice
  • grought low the sanctuary of the Prince

-Because of the Jew's rebellion (Dn8:12):

  • Jews were given to the Little Horn
  • Daily sacrifice was given to Little Horn
  • Little Horn prospered in everything
  • Truth was thrown to the ground

-UItwill take 2,300days for (Dn8:13-14):

  • Daily sacrifice to be cut off
  • Rebellion of desolation
  • surrender of the sancutary
  • trampling of the hosts
  • reconsecration of the sancutary

-TheLittle Horn will (Dn8:24):

  • cause astounding devastation
  • succeed
  • destroy mighty men
  • destroy the holy people
  • cause deceit to prosper
  • consider himself superior
  • destroy many when they feel secure
  • satnd against the Prince of princes
  • be destroyed but not by human power

-Third beast was like a leopard with wings (Dn7:6)

-The leopard had four heads and was given authority to rule. (Dn7:6)

-A third kingdom of bronze rules the whole earth (Dn2:39)

-A goat with one horn came from the west (Dn8:5)
-The goat crossed the whole earth (Dn8:5)

-Shaggy Goat is the King of Greece (Dn8:21)
-The large horn is Greece's first king (Alexander) (Dn8:21)

-The goat approached the ram, attacked the ram, struck the ram and shattered the ram's two horns. The ram was powerless. The goat knocked the ram to the ground, trampled on the ram and no one could rescue the ram (Dn.8:6)

-The goat became very great (Dn8:8)

-At height of the goat's power his horn broke off
-Four hrons grew to replace it (Dn8:8)

-Four hornsthat replace the first king of Greece are four kingdoms from the nation of the first king of Greece (Dn8:22)
-They will not have the same power (Dn8:22)



"Seventy 7's are decreed for your people (Israel) and your holy city (Jerusalem) to (Dn9:24):

  • finish transgression (for Israel's sins)
  • Put an end to sin
  • Atone for wickedness (pay for Israel's sins)
  • Bring in everlasting righteousness (Kingdom)
  • Seal up visiion
  • Seal up prophecy (fulfill all that was decreed)
  • Anoint Most Holy (Anoint Messiah as king of his kingdom)

-Issue of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Dn9:25)

-Jerusalem will be rebuilt with a street (city square, markets, government, etc.) and a trench (moat, military defensese) (Dn9:25)

-Jerusalem will be rebuilt in times of trouble (Dn9:25)

"From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven sevens, and sixty-two sevens." (Dn9:25)



-Second beast like a bear raised on one side, three ribs in mouth (Dn7:5)

-the bear was told to eat much flesh which means to destroy (Dn7:5)

-Chest of silver, an inferior kingdom (Dn.2:32,39)

-A ram with two long horns
-One horn was longer, but grew later (Dn8:3)
-Two horned Ram is Kings of Persia (Dn8:20)
-This ram charged west, north and south (Dn8:4)
-No one could resist the ram (Dn8:4)
-The ram did as he pleased (Dn8:4)
-The ram became great (Dn8:4)