Begin Seventieth Week


Seven 7’s (49 years)



and  Sixty-Two 7’s  (434 years)   . . . . . .  483 years from 458 BC until 26 AD

Restoration of
Jerusalem by
Judea becomes
Roman Province
Destroys Jerusalem
Burns Temple

Church Age





-THE COMING RULER will confirm a covenant with many for one 7 (seven years) (Dn9:27)

-In the middle of the 7 (3 1/2 years) THE COMING RULER will:

  • Put an end to sacrifices and offerings
  • Set up an Abomination that causes desolation on a wing of the temple

-Ten horns;
-Little Horn uprooted three horns;
-Little Horn had eyes and mouth (Dn7:8)
-Ten horns from head of Fourth Beast (Dn7:19,20)
-Ten horns are ten kings who come from the fourth beast (Dn7:24)
-Another Horn came up among the 10 horns on fourth beast (Dn.7i:21)
-After the ten horns (kings) another king who is different subdues 3 kings(Dn7:24)
-Little Horn waged war against Saints and defeated them (Dn7:23)
-Little Horn will (Dn7:25):

·         Speak against God

·         Oppress saints

·         Try to change times

·         Try to change laws

-Saints will be handed to him for 3 ½ years (Dn7:25)

-the fourth kingdom has feet and toes of baked clay and iron; a divided kingdom with some strength of iron, but partly strong and partly brittle; this people will be a mixture and will not remain united just like iron cannot mix with clay (Dn2:41-43)

"A time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then" (Dn12:1)

The "king" will:

  • do as he pleases (Dn11:36)
  • magnify himself above every god (Dn11:36)
  • say unheard of things against God (Dn11:36)
  • have no regard for the gods of his fathers (Dn11:37)
  • have no regard for the one desired by women (Dn11:37)
  • have no regard for any god (Dn11:37)
  • honor a god of fortress (Dn11:38)
  • honor a god unknown to his fathers with gold, silver and precious stones (Dn11:38)


In the time of those kings God will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44-45):

  • crush all other kingdoms
  • end all other kingdoms
  • the rock strikes all other kingdoms and breaks the statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay

At the End of the Seventieth week:

·         Saints will receive a kingdom and possess it forever

·         Ancient of Days pronounces verdict in favor of saints

·         Saints possess the kingdom (Dn.7:22)

  • Court will be seated and take power form the Little Horn (Dn7:26)
  • Little Horn completely destroyed forever (Dn7:26)
  • Saints are handed sovereignty, power and greatness of the kingdom (Dn7:27)
  • The people of the Most High (saints) will rule His kingdom forever and worship the most high (Dn7:27)


    605 BC                                    539 BC                                    458 BC                        409 BC        332 BC                              168 BC                                    63 BC                             26 AD     30 AD                                     66-70 AD                           


-Four winds of heaven churning up sea (Dn7:4)

-Four great beasts, each different, came up out of the sea (Dn7:5). They are four kings from earth (Dn7:17)

-First beast like a lion, with eagle wings which are torn off. The beast fell to the ground, but was lifted up and given the heart of a man (Dn7:4)

- “Head of God” is: (Dn.2:32,36-38)

·         Nebuchadnezzar

·         King of Babylon

·         King of kings

·         God gave him dominion, power, might, glory

·         God placed mankind, beast, birds in Neb’s hands

·         Neb is ruler over them all


(Church Age?)




-The people of THE COMING RULER ("king", "Little Horn") will:

  • Destroy the City
  • Destroy the Sanctuary (Temple) (Dn9:26)



-the Anointed One, the Ruler comes after the Sixty-Two 7's  (Dn9:26)

-After Sixty-Two 7's the Anointed One will be:

  • Cut Off
  • Have Nothing (Dn9:26)

-Fourth beast terrifying and powerful;
- iron teeth;
-crushed and devoured;
-trampled what was left;
-different from other beast;
-had ten horns (Dn.7:7,19,20)
-Fourth Beast is a 4th kingdom on earth (Dn7:23)

-a fourth kingdom, strong as iron which breaks and smashes everything will crush and break all other kingdoms (Dn.2:40)


-This is the time of Wrath (Dn8:19) (Note: Wrath is always a time of God's indignation against sin) 


-Third beast was like a leopard with wings (Dn7:6)

-The leopard had four heads and was given authority to rule. (Dn7:6)

-A third kingdom of bronze rules the whole earth (Dn2:39)

-A goat with one horn came from the west (Dn8:5)
-The goat crossed the whole earth (Dn8:5)



-Issue of the decree to  restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Dn9:25)

-Jerusalem will be rebuilt with a street (city square, markets, government, etc.) and a trench (moat, military defensese) (Dn9:25)

-Jerusalem will be rebuilt in times of trouble (Dn9:25)

"From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven sevens, and sixty-two sevens." (Dn9:25)

"Seventy 7's are decreed for your people (Israel) and your holy city (Jerusalem) to:



-Second beast like a bear raised on one side, three ribs in mouth (Dn7:5)

-the bear was told to eat much flesh which means to destroy (Dn7:5)

-Chest of silver, an inferior kingdom (Dn.2:32,39)

-A ram with two long horns
-One horn was longer, but grew later (Dn8:3)
-Two horned Ram is Kings of Persia (Dn8:20)
-This ram charged west, north and south (Dn8:4)
-No one could resist the ram (Dn8:4)
-The ram did as he pleased (Dn8:4)
-The ram became great (Dn8:4)