Matthew 5:4


"Mourning" as it is used here does not refer to just any kind of misery, but is referring to grieving due to sin (personal, social or global)

It is not the sorrow or mourning or bereavement that Jesus refers to, but the mourning and sorrow of repentance.


The world is light hearted about many serious issues that result from sin, but focus on many things that are temporal and seem important today. The world grieves over a broken heart, a lost job or a death, but ignores the violation of God's ways and rejects the savor who was sent to bring comfort.


Now is not always.


Psalm 119:136 refers to tears as a result of the failure to follow God's standards

Ezekiel 9:4 refers to people who are mourning due to the evil and wicked practices occurring in the temple of God.

Ezra 10:6 - Ezra weeps for the sin the returning exiled committed when they quickly forsook God's Law upon their return to Jerusalem


John the Baptist's preaching that the Kingdom of God was near led people to repentance and mourning in preparation for its coming.

Malachi 3:1-4 is similar


Weeping for sin is effective. It leads to repentance and change.

Mourning is productive but the following responses to sin will only lead to destruction:

  1. justifying sin
  2. accepting sin
  3. becoming comfortable with sin
  4. hiding sin
  5. not being able to recognize sin


Psalm 51:4 - David confessed sin

Daniel 9:19-20 - Daniel confessed sin

Romans 7:24 - Paul considered his sinful state to continually be a wretched state

1 Corinthians 5:2 - the people should have grieved over sin, not accepted it

2 Corinthians 12:21

Philippians 3:18 - said with tears that many reject Christ



The mourning for sin will be comforted by the Messiah when he comes.

"Comfort" is parakalew /parakaleo/ and means "encourage as in Heb. 3:13


Isaiah 40:1 - the Messiah's mission from God was to "Comfort, comfort my people"

Luke 2:25 there were people waiting for the consolation of Israel, but many people were content in Jesus' day to keep things the way they were.

Isaiah 61:1-4 addresses the first two Beatitudes including:

  1. oil of gladness instead of mourning
  2. garment of praise instead of despair


Revelation 7:17


There is hope and joy for those who are comforted today by the Messiah

And, there is greater hope and joy for those He comforts in the future.


Romans 12:12

Romans 15:13


1 Thessalonians 4:13


Proverbs 30:14