Matthew 4:18-25


Three groups will play into these stories:

  1. The Disciples
  2. The Crowd
  3. The Opposition


John 1:19-4:54 occur between Matthew 4:11 and Matthew 4:12

Matthew 4:18-8:5 occurs in Luke 4:31 (or, between Luke 4:30 and 4:31)



Jesus called his disciples. The calling of Peter, Andrew, James and John give us a sample.

Not every called disciple was a believer: Judas.

Not every called disciple responded positively and became a disciple: Rich Young Ruler in Luke 18:22

In the Jewish culture the student would chose his rabbi or teacher. Here Jesus chooses his disciple or students.


Mark 1:16 and Matt. 4:18 differ in describing the brothers which gives evidence that Matthew and Mark are not copying from a similar text.

"Net" is "amphiblastron" which is the name of a hand thrown net that was five feet circular with weights on the edges and draw strings running down and back up the middle that could be drawn together to catch the fish in the net.



"Follow me" is present tense and means "Here, now, follow me."

This could refer to a walk on the beech but in context it is to begin a lasting, personal relationship.

"Fishers of me" is a condensed parable used to identify for the disciples something they could not yet fully understand.

Just like fish were caught and taken out of the sea, now, men would be taken out of the abyss of sin and darkness and placed in the kingdom of light.

The disciples' lives would change but they would not cease to take care of natural responsibilities: jobs, family, relationships, financial obligations



"Left" can mean abandoned

"nets" is a different word and refers to the general fishing nets used as the fisherman's equipment.

"followed" literally means "walk behind" and "accompany"



"left father" refers to leaving the strongest of the family ties and speaks of switching allegiances. This does not mean they never spoke with, worked with or supported their father.

Zebedee had hired workers - Mark 1:20



Jesus teaches in a wide area. This was unusual for the customary rabbi or teacher at this time:

  1. Qumran rabbis left and went into the wilderness to teach
  2. Jewish rabbis set up a location and people came to them
  3. Jesus traveled and went to all the people


"teaching" is explaining information to people who are already familiar with the material.

"preaching" is introducing the information to people who are unfamiliar with the material.

"healing" is evidence that Jesus was not just presenting a new philosophy or ideology but was presenting a kingdom (program) that could change the whole man.

The whole being of man is out of center with God's plan. Jesus' "gospel"   presents the plan to correct all of man's nature.