Who is God? Theism, Deism, Atheism, etc.


Video is here: http://www.generationword.com/video4/defending_faith/3_theism_deism_atheism_others.ram


Reasons for this study:

1. Defend your own faith

2. Protect from following false faiths

3. Equip you to explain the Truth to others


Logic would say that my teaching could be wrong and some other teaching correct. But, logic also says that not every teaching can be correct at the same time. So, somebody is right and somebody is wrong. It is possible to say my teaching is wrong and still be logical. But, it is impossible to say that all of these ideas (theism, deism, atheism, pantheism, panentheism) are all correct.


Isaiah 40:18-31

Isaiah 44:6-26

Romans 1:18-32