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As cultural decline continues your soul needs
to be fortified with Truth and confidence in God.

There are times in life when we feel overwhelmed with problems, challenges, confusion, and hardships. We know from experience that the time to prepare the soul for battle is not in the midst of the battles. Preparation for war must be done in times of peace, just like planting seeds for the fall harvest must be done in the spring.

By preparing our souls with an understanding of God’s promises, we can brace ourselves for the impact we will face when the difficult situations of this fallen world arise in our personal lives, at work, in our relationships, in our finances, or in our health. When our souls are sown with the seed of God’s word we will be ready to reap a harvest of peace and rest when it is needed.

Preparation for spiritual battle is necessary not only because of our various personal problems, it is also increasingly needed as our culture, nation, and world move further away from the truth of God’s Word and enthusiastically celebrate choices that rebel against God’s created reality. As this societal and cultural decline continues - and our culture grows increasingly antagonistic toward the ways of God - life will become more difficult for many followers of Christ.

We need to learn now how to enter into the place that God has prepared for our souls to rest.

“Brace for Impact” will encourage you by providing explanations of God’s promises and insight into God’s ways. The fortress of our soul is built by a mind filled with the understanding of God’s promises and purposes. But false beliefs can create an opposing stronghold that prevents our soul from hearing and understanding God’s promises. “Brace for Impact” will help identify some of these evil strongholds that have taken our souls captive. We will begin demolishing the arguments and opinions that rise up against the knowledge of God. Our minds can be set free by his truth and reality so that our souls become fortified with hope in the promises of God.
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Dr. Galyn Wiemers is the founder of Generation Word, a Bible teaching ministry focused on helping restore Biblical literacy in America. Galyn is the author of several books including:

“Hope for America’s Last Generation” (2007)
“Framework for Christian Faith” (2008)
“Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture” (2010)
“The Word: Apparatus for Salvation, Renewal and Maturity” (2011)
“The Titanic Faith of the Western Church” (2015)

A large volume of Galyn’s audio and video teaching, along with notes, maps, photos of Israel and much more can be found at Galyn’s morning and evening online devotions with twelve new pieces of information twice a day for your optimal spiritual training are available at Galyn and his wife Toni have been married forty years and have six sons, five daughter-in-laws and five grandchildren.

Dr. Wiemers holds a B.S. in secondary education from Northwest Missouri State University (1983), a M.A. in pastoral ministry with highest honors from American Christian College and Seminary (2000), studied at JUC in Jerusalem (2007) and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology from The University of America (2014).
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